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HandyLauncher 3.4  March 15th, 2006 
  • Square screen support.

HandyLauncher 3.3  November 8th, 2005 
  • Windows Mobile 5.0 support.

HandyLauncher 3.2  March 11th, 2005 
  • Now HandyLauncher can adjust your Pocket PC’s screen orientation before launching each application (Windows Mobile 2003 SE and above).
    • Portrait
    • Landscape
    • Use current

HandyLauncher 3.0
September 24th, 2004
  • Two launcher menus. (one with and the other one with tap-and-hold)
  • Now you can have as twice shortcuts as you used to have before(This is not a free upgrade)

HandyLauncher 2.0
August 12th, 2004
  • English and German interface
  • Customizable Colorful Menus
  • Added a "-X" command line option to bring the menu from the top
      (-X[n] will bring the menu from the top using the [n] as the horizontal offset)

HandyLauncher 1.0
August 23rd, 2003
  • Initial release.

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