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Current Version

3.7 (Build 40)
Operating System Windows Mobile 6/6.1/6.5 (Professional and Classic)
Windows Mobile 5
Windows Mobile 2003/SE
Screen Orientation Portrait, Landscape, Square
Registration Key Provided with purchase
Price $5.99 USD
Languages English French German Dutch Hungry Spanish Portogesse 


The trial version lasts for 15 days.

What is HandyMenu?

HandyMenu is a program that makes it easy for you to access all your Pocket PC settings and also perform the very important operations (Power-off, Soft-reset, Hard-rest and you can even take screen shots of your screen with HandyMenu).
With HandyMenu you will have the functions that you use most accessible with a simple tap on your Pocket PC screen.

Why get HandyMenu?

Increase the life of your hardware power key.
Use PowerOFF, ScreenOFF, SoftReset, …etc from HandyMenu

Enhance your PDA’s experience.
Add Screen Capture, IP helper, ScreenOFF …etc provided by HandyMenu.

Save your time
Take the shortcut to system applets provided by HandyMenu, don’t go the long way.

Do more with few taps
Take advantage of the QuickAction for your frequently used action.

HandyMenu incorporates several features into an easy to use user interface.

Features include:
  • Enable/disable items.
  • Move items in the menu up or down.
  • Change the colors of the menu.
  • Extra tools (IP Helper, screen capture …etc).
  • Customizable tray icon.
  • Configurable QuickAction.
  • Very small memory footprint.
  • QVGA and VGA icons display.
And much much more.

Download your free fully functional demo and see for yourself.

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