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I must say, I have found this application really very handy to reach my frequently used settings quickly. Really, a very useful and handy application which saves time too.





If you’re like me, you’re tired of all the taps required to get at the Settings for your PocketPC. HandyMenu cuts your tap expenditure in half, and does so for the price of some value meals at a fast food restaurant. 


There’s not much argument here. If you are a controlling, indolent individual such as I who likes a control panel readily available at the tap of an icon or push of a button, you should get off the couch, spudder over to www.dinarsoft.com and add this little gem to your PDA diadem.


DinarSoft's HandyMenu is a nice software that can be used to directly access these functions, to Pocket PC. It puts an icon in the status bar of your Pocket PC making access to any of these functions just a tap away. Well, actually two taps: open the menu and select the function. It's better than four taps. But to make things even better you can assign a function to tap-and-hold on HandyMenu's icon. In this case you have achieved the one-tap heaven.


HandyMenu pays for itself by adding a great convenience to accessing features buried within the Axim OS hierarchy. Even if you have other taskbar or shortcut apps loaded HandyMenu is not only inexpensive it can be used as a useful addition to your ensemble of navigation applications for the Axim.


The beauty of HandyMenu is that it gives you a chance to have direct access to the tools/utilities/settings you find in the Settings area of the OS. Start>Settings (Personal, System, Connections). In doing this, we don't have to dig into the OS to change the way we have learned to love our Axim.


I find that HandyMenu is best utilised when assigned to a hardware button - this way you can call it up it from any application you’re in. I’ve only been running it for a couple of days and already it’s on my “must-have” list as an indispensable utility.

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A Russian review of HandyMenu, HandyLauncher and HandySwitcher.

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