HandyMenu FAQ



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  • How do I run HandyMenu?
  • How do I use HandyMenu?
  • How do I go to HandyMenu options?
  • How can I add/remove items from the menu?
  • How can I use HandyMenu without going to the today screen?
  • How to assign HandyMenu to a hardware button?
  • Can HandyMenu display its icon at the top bar?
  • Can I add my own programs to HandyMenu?
  • What's a QuickAction?
  • Can I invoke the QuickAction by tap (not tap-and-hold)?
  • How can I exit HandyMenu?
  • Why doesn't "Screen Rotation" work on my device?
  • What is Quick Cleaner and MemMaid?
  • How can I change the icon displayed by HandyMenu?
  • Why doesn't "Hard Reset" work on my device?
  • How do I close HandyMenu's menu without using any of its functions?

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