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Current Version

3.1 (Build 78)
Operating System Windows Mobile 6/6.1/6.5 (Professional and Classic)
Windows Mobile 5
Windows Mobile 2003/SE
Screen Orientation Portrait, Landscape, Square
Registration Key Provided with purchase
Price $9.99 USD


The trial version lasts for 15 days.

What is HandySwitcher?

HandySwitcher is a task management program that makes it easy for you to manage the running programs on your PocketPC .
You can switch between running programs, close unwanted ones to free some memory or even close all of them. Manage the running tasks on your PocketPC with simple taps.

HandySwitcher provides neat solution for task management which is crucial for most users of Windows Mobile.
Task management is important for user productivity and helps to keep the device running at its best.

Why get HandySwitcher?

Take Control
Know what programs are running in the background. A simple click on HandySwitcher’s icon shows a list of running programs in your device.

Free Memory & Resources
Do not just minimize programs when you are done with them, close them to free valuable system memory and resources for other programs.

Save Time
Working with more than one program at the same time, switching back and forth between them?
HandySwitcher is your time saver, allowing you to switch between several programs with simple taps.

Speed up your device
Find out which process/program is consuming your valuable memory and processor power.

Main features include 

  • Configurable Tap and Tap-and-Hold actions
  • Advanced ignore list
  • (OK) Hardware Button support
  • Skinable interface
  • Customizable menu
  • Automated actions
  • Built-in context sensitive help
  • Close button [X] that really closes
  • CPU and Memory usage
  • Designed to run in main memory or external cards.
  • Terminate background processes.
  • Clean left over memory after programs closure
  • Enhanced D-Pad navigation support (for one hand operations)
  • Very low memory foot-print
  • Easy to access from any other program
  • QVGA-VGA Support
  • Square, landscape and portrait Support
  • Integration with HandyMenu and HandyLauncher
and much more

Download your free fully functional demo and see for yourself.

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