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Hardware Keys Support

HandySwitcher provides you many features allowing you to completely manage your running programs without using the stylus.

Menu Navigation

While the menu is up use the D-Pad controls to control it 
  • Up/Down to move between the menu items
  • Right to close the selected program
  • Left to close/cancel the menu
  • Enter/Select to switch to the selected program

(OK) Hardware button support

HandySwitcher can optionally take over the control of the (OK) hardware button (if your device has one) so you can use it to close the active program (instead of the default smart-minimize action).

Hardware buttons assignment

Using the system Buttons applet (in the settings) you can assign any hardware button in your system to
  • HandySwitcher (to bring up the menu)
  • HandySwitcher [OK - Close] (Closes the active program)
  • HandySwitcher [Close All]
  • HandySwitcher [Close All But Active]
  • HandySwitcher [Minimize]
  • HandySwitcher [Minimize All]
  • HandySwitcher [Activate Next] (Cycle through the running programs)

System Integration

HandySwitcher is designed so it integrates with Windows Mobile and seamlessly works with it.
You have control on how it integrates with the system so you can get maximum benefits based on your needs.

  • Assign different actions for the system (X) button and HandySwitcher’s icon for tap and tap-and-hold.
  • Show/Hide icon at the top.
  • Show/Hide icon at the tray bar.
  • Icon location control (at the top bar)
  • User supplied custom icons support
  • HandyMenu & HandyLauncher integration
  • Compact icon display

Full control

HandySwitcher’s menu gives you full control to manage the running programs in your device.
  • A list of all the running programs.
  • A user-customized list of special action.
    • Close all
    • Close all but active
    • Close current
    • Minimize Active
    • Minimize all
    • CPU Usage
    • Memory Usage
  • Tap on the (X) beside a program name to close it.
  • Tap on the program's name to switch to it.

Look and Feel

Various customization options allowing you to customize the look and feel of HandySwitcher to suite your taste.
  • Menu Background
    • Auto theme image
    • User defined image (bmp, gif, jpg and png)
    • No background
    Menu Colors
    • Auto Theme Colors
    • User Defined colors
    • No colors
  • Custom program icon
  • Sinkable action icons
  • Show/Hide icons in the menu

CPU and Memory Usage

Get more information about the running programs (including background processes) in your device.

CPU Usage
This utility shows you al list of running processes along with the CPU cycles it uses (in percentage).

Memory Usage
This utility shows you a list of running processes along with the memory each one is allocating in the system.

HandySwitcher also gives you the ability to sort the list by the process name, used memory or CPU usage.
You can even use HandySwitcher to terminate any running process.

Automation and Special list

Get HandySwitcher to do things automatically for you.
  • Close ActiveSync on USB cable/Cradle disconnect.
  • Free memory on program close.
  • Compact memory on close all.
Advanced ignore list
Override the default program close/minimize action for certain programs.
  • Ignore List:
    HandySwitcher will let the system handle those programs and will not show them in its menu
  • System Default:
    Like the ignore list, however, those programs will show in HandySwitcher’s menu
  • Always minimize:
    HandySwitcher will not close those programs, unless the program is a dialog with (OK) button

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