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Dinarsoft HandySwitcher is the perfect way to manage you running-applications. With the small memory footprint, user-friendly interface and plethora of features, it is simple-yet-powerful application.

Frankly speaking, there are plethora of task-switchers avaliable for windows mobile platform. Some of them are freeware too, but, those just fail to impress me. If you ask me, this review can be a little biased because I'm just so impressed with the quality of Dinarsoft Products. I was already happy with the earlier version of Dinarsoft HandySwitcher(ie ver 2.7). If you ask me, this is the first application, which I install on my Pocket PC after every hard-reset.


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A small light-weight application, but, functional and must have on every Pocket PC. Handyswitcher does not take much space on your Pocket PC. While running, it just takes up ~19kb(!) and has NO effect on the system performance. It takes up ~82kb on your Pocket PC




For some inexplicable reason, Microsoft has yet to make it possible to close running programs conveniently. HandySwitcher solves that problem nicely by inserting an icon in the top or bottom tray that, when invoked, displays running programs and allows you to close all, close all except active, or minimize all. It’s a great way to restore resources and to make your machine win races again.


HandySwitcher is a task management program that makes it easy for you to manage the running programs on your PocketPC. You can switch between running programs, close unwanted ones to free some memory or even close all of them. manage the running tasks on your PocketPC with a simple tap.

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