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HandySwitcher 3.1  April 13th, 2008 

  • Performance improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

HandySwitcher 3.0  May 5th, 2007 

Major paid upgrade to HandySwitcher
New and exciting features include:
  • Configurable Tap and Tap-and-Hold actions
  • Advanced ignore list
  • (OK) Hardware Button support
  • Skinable interface
  • Customizable menu
  • Automated actions
  • Built-in context sensitive help
  • Better Close button [X] that really closes
  • CPU and Memory usage
  • Designed to run in main memory or external cards.
  • Terminate background processes.
  • Clean left over memory after programs closure
  • Enhanced D-Pad navigation support (for one hand operations)
  • Very low memory foot-print
  • Easy to access from any other program
  • QVGA-VGA Support
  • Square, landscape and portrait Support
  • Integration with HandyMenu and HandyLauncher
  • Windows Mobile 6 (Professional and Classic) support.

HandySwitcher 2.7  March 27th, 2006 
  • Square Screen Support
  • Hardware keys support (for one hand operations)
    • Enter - switch to selected program
    • Right key - close selected program
    • Left key - close HandySwitcher's menu (Cancel)
  • Optional "Auto program switch" (with configurable timer)
  • When this feature is on, just use the arrows to the desired program in HandySwitcher's menu and wait for few seconds (depends on your timer configuration) and HandySwitcher will switch to this program for you.
  • Auto program switch (with configurable timer)
  • Improved ignore list handling
  • Improved Phone Edition support

HandySwitcher 2.5  October 31st, 2005 
  • HandySwitcher now supports Windows Mobile 5

HandySwitcher 2.1  June 13th, 2005 
  • Now the menu is can follow the theme colors
  • The "close all" menu item now appear even if there is only one running program.

HandySwitcher  2.0
July  31st, 2004
  • Update Dutch interface
  • Add Spanish interface

HandySwitcher 2.0
March 31st, 2004
  • Now the menu is colorful than ever.
  • Customizable Colorful Menus (Now the menu is colorful than ever).
  • Change the colors of HandySwitcher's menu the way you like.
  • Added a new option for controlling HandyMenu's icon placement in the compact mode.

HandySwitcher 1.0
September 11th, 2003
  • Initial release.

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