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Operating System Windows Mobile 6 and 6.1 (Professional and Classic)
Windows Mobile 5
Windows Mobile 2003/SE
Pocket PC 2002
Screen Orientation Portrait, Landscape, Square
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Price $2.99 USD


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What is HijriDate Plugin?

HijriDate Plugin is the first light-weight today plugin that supports the Hijri Lunar calendar as well as the Gregorian calendar in both Arabic and English.
It gives you the ability to display today's date in your today-screen using the calendar you want and the format you choose with the alignment you prefer and the language you like (Arabic or English).

Why get HijriDate Plugin?

Know today’s date in the Hijri calendar.
HijriDate plugin gives you today’s date in the hijri colander right in your today screen.

Display dates in Arabic.
A Built-in ability to display dates in Arabic, no need for additional programs or fonts.

Customize the format of the displayed date.
HijriDate plugin gives you a variety of formats to choose from.

Save space in your today screen.
Display one date only on the today screen and switch to the other one with a small tap.

HijriDate plugin incorporates several customizing features into an easy to use user interface.

Features include:
  • Arabic/English language selection.
  • Hijri and/or Gregorian dates.
  • Hijri date adjustment (for early or late crescent sighting).
  • Choose from different alignment.
  • Multiple formats to choose from.
  • Date display follows the color of the today screen.
  • Easy access to options (tap on the icon).
  • Very low memory usage
And much much more.

Download your free fully functional demo and see for yourself.

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