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  • Display dates in Arabic or English.
  • Show the Gregorian date or the Hijri date or both with the ability to display either first.
  • Accurate Hijri date calculations (based on Mecca standard calculations).
  • Save your today screen space, choose to display only the calendar you use most and switch to the other one whenever you need by a small tap.
  • Choose the alignment you like (left, center or right).
  • Custom date format (including the day name).
  • Separate options for both Gregorian and Arabic (Alignment/format/Language).
  • Quick access to program options by a simple tap on the program's icon.
  • Theme friendly (The program will use your current theme colors and background)
  • The same look and feel you have with the default date plugin.
  • Compatible with theme switchers/rotators.
  • Very light weight process (only 99KB).
  • Can be installed on any memory card (install it wherever you want).
  • Install/Uninstall without the need to reset your device.
  • Customer support
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