Upgrade Policy

We constantly update our products adding more features and enhancing the existing ones to make our products even better.
If you are a registered customer of an older version then you’re entitled for a free or a discounted upgrade.

Registered customers are entitled to free upgrades for all minor version upgrades.
For example: If you bought version 3.0 of a product then you will get any 3.x version of that product for free.
To get the free upgrade (minor version upgrade), download the latest trial version and use your old key.

For paid upgrades (next major version upgrade),
We usually offer discount coupons, the discount coupons for upgrades are sent by eMail to all registered users.

To upgrade MemMaid from version1.x to version 2.0, please click here.

To upgrade HandySwitcher from any version to version 3.0, please click here.

if you didn't receive yours by eMail then please eMail the following information to This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

  • Your e-mail that was used for purchase.
  • The order number (or an approximate date of purchase).
  • The name of website you purchased from.
  • The product name