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Quick & Advanced Cleaners
Clean all the left-over files and registry entries which consume your Pocket PC's memory. Removing those files or registry saves you a large amount of memory and gives you more privacy.

29 cleaning categories to select from (including)
  • PIE (Cookies, history and cache)
  • Opera Cache
  • NetFront Cache
  • AvantGo Cache Files
  • Dangling and Duplicate Notifications
  • Dead Shortcuts and registry entries
  • System Temp and Cache Files
  • MS Reader Bookmarks
  • Windows Media DRM
  • Virtual Earth Mobile
  • Google Maps Cache
  • Recycle Bin
  • Mail Attachments
  • Log File (Phone Edition)
  • Bad uninstall data
  • User Folder 1 & 2
  • Custom Extensions

Reclaim RAM
Gets you back the memory that is not used by the running programs

MemMaid is designed to get you back every single byte wasted by junk files or invalid/old registry


Notification Queue:
The notification queue is a queue of items coming from your appointments and calendar as well as programs that are activated on certain system events

Take control of this queue and remove all un-wanted items.
  • Create/Delete entries
  • Find duplicates, dangling, expired and invalid entries
  • Find notifications by type or program name
  • Rebuild the queue
  • Recreate ActiveSync entries

Get more information about the databases in your system

  • View Volumes, Databases and Records
  • Delete Databases or Records
  • Advanced Import/Export for databases

Registry Editor:
A fully featured built-in registry editor right where you need it

  • View entries and values
  • Create/Edit/Delete numeric, string, multi string and binary values
  • Search the registry
  • Import/export any branch of the registry

Add/Edit/Delete extensions’ association.
Associate file types with your preferred programs


StartUp programs:
  • Add/delete startup programs
  • Control the order they are executed
  • Enable/Disable entries
StartUp services:
  • Remove unwanted services
  • Stop/Start services
  • Change service starting mode
Today Plugins:
  • Change the plugins display order
  • Display/Change plugin options (if possible)
  • Enable/disable entries


System tweaks:
Tweak your system and give it a performance boost. Tweaks include
  • PIE Cache and history size
  • PIE Max connection
  • PIE Cache size
  • Font and system cache size
  • Opera Cache size
  • TCP and SD/MMC transfer
  • Animate Menus/Windows
  • and more...

Application Cache:
Free up some memory and change where the cache is stored for things like
  • PIE History, Cache and cookies
  • Opera, NetFront and AvantGo
  • Ring Tones
  • System temp
  • and more...

DLL Optimizer:
The DLL optimizer allows you to move DLLs (program extensions) from the main memory to other memory cards.
Leaving the main memory for what is most important for (Running Programs)



Storage Memory

Storage Usage:
See where your storage memory is consumed, explore those directories using the system file explorer (or your own custom explorer) or compare the directories size using MemMaid's charts

Find File:
Search your storage memory using this powerful search engine.
You can search for files using their names (wild cards allowed) and/or file sizes.

CAB Installer:
Let MemMaid manage the programs installation for you from a central place

Installed Apps:
Find out details about what’s installed and where it’s installed with the ability to uninstall from within MemMaid


Running Processes

Using the different views in the tab you can get the memory used by each program or processor power percentage it’s consuming
  • Terminate/activate individual programs
  • Compact the used memory
  • Sort by name or usage

Cleaner Scheduling

Keep your system clean, get MemMaid to start with the system (SoftRest) and/or you schedule it clean daily, weekly or at a certain date and time

Choose between silent, final report or interactive cleaning


Look & Feel:
Change the way MemMaid looks to suit your taste

Export lists:
Tap and hold on the list/tree view and get a context menu allowing you to export the information you have into a text file

SoftReset, PowerOFF, system information, QuickCleaner shortcut, Reclaim RAM shortcut and much more

Advanced/Protected modes:
Be safe and run in the protected mode and let MemMaid control your changes or switch to the advanced mode and take full control

Multi-lingual User Interface:
Support for German, French and Chinese Simplified
More are coming soon.

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