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New MemMaid 2.0 reviews

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DinarSoft’s MemMaid fills a gap left by Microsoft in the memory management department. Considering the functions and what you can achieve with it, the price is really a steal. Sure there are other ways to manage your memory, and some which are even cheaper, but for what it’s worth, you can do it all and do it effectively with just one MemMaid. 

AximSite (MobilitySite)

If you’ve every seen the US television show “Clean House”, you’ve doubtless seen Niecy Nash scurrying about with her staff taking a slovenly home and turning it into a trendy showroom.  DinarSoft’s MemMaid 2.0 fulfills a similar function in the world of Windows Mobile devices, with the capability of turning your device from a slow, disorganized, full of dangling notification and cluttered memory (to name a few) device into a fast, responsive, internally tidy unit—but without having to suffer the programmatic equivalent of yard sales, irritated crew members, and foolishly stubborn home owners.


 Overall, this major upgrade is definitely great! With a whole list of new features, this upgrade is definitely worth it.

I have had no performance issues and no lockup issues while using MemMaid. It also provides more flexibility for users, which enable users to have more control over their Windows Mobile devices.

MemMaid is truly a 'maid' for your Windows Mobile devices! Definitely deserves a 10/10 rating!

Older versions' reviews

ClintonFITCH Reviews

MemMaid can be as simple or as complicated as the user needs it to be: those that simply want to clean up stray data trash can use it for that purpose, while more confident users can use the program to dive deeply into their Pocket PC's system. As I mentioned before, the program's Clean Up utility is worth the price on its own, but the extra tweaking power afforded by the other options makes MemMaid a great tool for anyone that wants more control over their Pocket PC's memory, processes, and storage functions. This is one of the first programs that I load on every Windows Mobile device I own, and I consider it to be a "must have".  


Keeping the Pocket PC healthy and clutter-free just got easy. 'MemMaid', as the name suggests, is the perfect maid for your pocket pc to manage memory of your Pocket PC

MemMaid is truly a maid for your Pocket PC. MemMaid not only helps you to keep your Pocket PC clean and tidy, but, also helps you to tweak it so that it performs well. 


Modern PocketPCs have their own internal space, but like all memory that too eventually gets full. MemMaid helps to clean up the memory on your device, and the result is that many megabytes that were previously blocked allow themselves once more to be accessed and used for other more useful things."

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MemMaid is simply packed with neat tools to keep your "smartphone" or PDA running smoothly. It can work with plugins, find and remove databases, do wildcard searches, and more. If you have a PDA or smartphone this is a program you must have. For all these reasons, MemMaid is not only one of my Picks, but it's also one of my Dr. File Finder Favorites and there aren't very many of those. Take a look for yourself and you'll see what I mean. I recommend it highly.

PocketPC Reviews

The dream of housewives and bachelors alike: someone who does all the housecleaning regularly, thoroughly and inexpensively.
I spend a fair bit of time doing housecleaning on my computers: getting rid of junk files that clutter up and waste valuable memory space. This is even more important on PDAs.
For a reviewer a must, for the heavy user essential and for all others who need the extra zip and memory MemMaid is a godsend!


I’ve been a Pocket PC / mobile device user for a lot of years now, and have never felt the need to run a memory manager type utility. Like many ‘power’ users, I’ve always tended to feel that I knew my devices well enough, and knew how to babysit them well enough, that I just didn’t need a utility for that.  Well, MemMaid has won me over - this is a ‘keeper’ utility.


This program is a handy addition to everyone’s set of utilities. You can search the internet for similar utilities that are freeware, but MemMaid is bundled up in one organized program. The program is easy to use. There is a good help file if you get stuck using the program. I use this program weekly for clean up and as needed when I do a lot of web browsing. I was very surprised the first time I used the memory cleaner to find close to 1M of space freed up on my PPC. My suggestion is to download the program and try it out over the trial period. You’ll see how useful it is.


The MemMaid program is a nice well polished tool, integrating under a single interface functionality available in a series of different programs. Some of these are otherwise only available as direct Registry changes, not accessible to most end users. If you're keen to keep your Pocket PC in good shape, and like me like to have it like that, I can recommend this program. It's now installed permanently on my device


MemMaid has really grown on me. While not the only tool I use, it certainly has found a place in my must-have list. For such a paltry sum, one can look over the minor issues (as they will probably be taken care of very quickly if DinarSoft's support is taken into account). Can you live without MemMaid? Yes, but you will be missing out on some great features of your PDA, and you might as well get your moneys worth.

Technology at Play

MemMaid is an extremely handy program for the Pocket PC.
It is easy to use, easily customisable, showcases a friendly interface and performs all of the 'clean up' tasks one would want (as well as other handy goodies)... in one application. A great program!.


I used to regularly delete junk files from my device manually. And since I do software reviews, I also manually remove dead registry entries and orphaned shortcuts. It's not tedious, but after this review, MemMaid will be one of the "must have" applications in my device. Cleaning junk files is just 2 taps away, and so far I haven't had any issues.
I'd like to mention that MemMaid comes with a very good help file. Anytime you're unsure about a function, just tap the help icon. The help file does a pretty good job at explaining what each function does.


I’ve been looking for utility software for my Pocket PC Phone edition. Something that will help me manage my device’s memory. A memory utility software that will do the cleaning of all the leftovers and unwanted files in the memory. 
I finally found it through Mohd from PocketPCDubai who came to me and asked me if I would like to try and write a review on DinarSoft version 1.2 of their MemMaid utility software for Pocket PC 2002 / 2003.  So here is my experience on MemMaid Version 1.2 that finally ended my search.


WindowsMobile 24/7

MemMaid has a lot to offer, in that most everything you need for optimising or cleaning your PDA is available via its interface. A lot of these tools are already available on your PDA, and I am sure that you will have come across some of these already – for example, the Today screen changer. There is nothing to stop you doing everything by hand, working your way through your PDA’s file structure, looking for, and fixing, the problems. However, MemMaid makes it all so easy – whilst you will have to think about things like DLL Optimisation, the interface makes it as simple and understandable as possible- something I have not mention elsewhere is the excellent help files associated with each tab, probably the best I have come across. You get a neat explanation of the problem, how to fix it, and, in some cases, what to do if something goes wrong – you really couldn’t ask for more in this respect. Whilst you may be able to do the cleaning operations on your own, MemMaid will hold your hand through the process, making it as simple and quick as possible. There is a good range of both basic and advanced functions, so, you can choose what to clean or just let the machine do it for you.

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