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MemMaid 2.3  June 16th, 2008 

  • Support for devices with 800x480 resolution (Sony Ericsson Xperia X1)
  • Support for the latest AvantGo version (version 6.5 build 216)
  • Support for the latest Opera browser (version 8.65, build 2779)
  • Added the ability to sort the installed applications by date, name, or size
  • Minor bug fixes

MemMaid 2.2  February  13th, 2008 

  • Introduced Russian, Italian, Slovak and Czech interface.
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Sort install programs alphabetically.



MemMaid 2.1  December 15th, 2007 
  • Introduced German, French, Chinese Simplified Interface.
  • PIE Cookies exclusions in the PIE Cookies cleaner
  • New Cleaner "Recycle Bin"
  • New Cleaner "Google Map Cache"
  • Fixed minor bugs

MemMaid 2.0  July 11th, 2007

Major new release
  • New shiny look
  • More than 25 New and Update cleaner items
  • Enhanced Reclaim RAM module
  • Cleaner Scheduling
  • Full function registry editor
  • Registry Import/Export
  • Database manager
  • Database Explorer
  • Import/export databases
  • Built-in context sensitive help
  • CPU and Memory usage
  • External card tools
  • CAB Installer/uninstaller
  • File type association
  • Advanced notification manager
  • System tweaks
  • Applications cache mover
  • Custom look and feel
  • Enhanced DLL Optimizer
  • QVGA-VGA Support
  • Square, landscape and portrait Support
  • Windows Mobile 6 (Professional and Classic) support.
And much more

MemMaid 1.73  February 17th, 2007 
  • New Setup Program
  • New logo used in the about screen
  • Bug fix in the startup re-order for non-English ROM
  • Bug fix in the startup re-order for some WM5 devices
  • Bug fix in the Notification Queue for some WM5 devices

MemMaid 1.72  July 20th, 2006 
  • Support for Landscape/Portrait screen layouts on the fly.
  • Reclaim Memory. It frees up memory used by currently running programs, this can claim memory in terms of MB. (Results depends on the programs running)
  • New Menus for fast access to all dialogs. (Matches with WM5 user interface).
  • New Memory Cleaning for:
  • Dangling Notifications
  • NetFront
  • Opera
  • Virtual Mobile Earth cache
  • Window Media DRM
  • \Temp

MemMaid 1.61  May 23rd, 2006 
  • Support for AvantGo 6.2
  • Now all the Dlls show up in the DLL optimizer whether they belong to an installed program or not

MemMaid 1.5  November 11th, 2005 
  • Windows Mobile 5 support

MemMaid 1.44  May 1st, 2005 
  • Update DLL list in the "?DLL optimizer" module
  • Now the "DLL optimizer" can move today-plugins DLLs
  • The "storage usage" module now can handle cards bigger than 4GB

MemMaid 1.41
January 1st, 2005 
  • Improved "DLL optimizer"
  • Incorrect pie chart drawing in some VGA devices fixed.
  • Improved bad uninstall (registry) cleaner.
  • Bug fix in the AvantGo cleaner

MemMaid 1.4
November 30th, 2004 
  • Improved uninstall data cleaner
  • New option for MemMaid to remember the last used tab
  • New option for MemMaid to remember the last used screen
  • DLL Optimizer (new Memory tweak)
  • Now you can use your own custom explorer in the storage usage
  • Graphical chart for storage usage
  • Select between 2D & 3D memory usage chart
  • Show usage/ Find file in RAM, ROM or both
  • New separate screen for database information
  • New shortcut for the light weight "QuickCleaner"
  • Running processes are now sorted based on the allocated memory
  • Updated more useful help system

MemMaid 1.3
August 3rd, 2003 
  • Windows Mobile 2003 SE support
  • Databases
    • List
    • Information
    • Delete
  • Add your own items to the Notification Queue
  • Today Plugins
    • List installed
    • Enable/Disable plugins
    • Delete
    • Change the Plugins order
    • Display/Change plugin settings
  • Control the StartUp Programs order
  • Find Files by any combination of
    • Name (wild cards allowed)
    • Size (bigger and/or smaller than a certain size)
  • Open file directly from the File Finder search results
  • Delete directories from the "Memory Usage" dialog
  • New Cleaner for bad uninstall data (registry)
  • Context sensitive help system

MemMaid 1.0
June 16th, 2003 
  • Initial release.

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