GadgetMix reviewed the new HandySwitcher 3.0 Print

May 17, 2007
GadgetMix reviewed the new HandySwitcher 3.0

"DinarSoft HandySwitcher is the perfect way to manage you running-applications. With the small memory footprint, user-friendly interface and plethora of features, it is simple-yet-powerful application.

Frankly speaking, there are plethora of task-switchers avaliable for windows mobile platform. Some of them are freeware too, but, those just fail to impress me. If you ask me, this review can be a little biased because I'm just so impressed with the quality of Dinarsoft Products. I was already happy with the earlier version of Dinarsoft HandySwitcher(ie ver 2.7). If you ask me, this is the first application, which I install on my Pocket PC after every hard-reset." - Kamaldeep Singh (of

The full review can be viewed  here.

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