All-new HandySwitcher 3.0 Released Print

May 5, 2007
All-new HandySwitcher 3.0 Released

DinarSoft Corporation, a leading Windows Mobile developer, releases an all-new HandySwitcher 3.0. A major upgrade to previous versions. HandySwitcher is a task manager that is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Windows Mobile. It is designed to help working with multiple programs and close the gap by offering the ability to close any unwanted programs. It is highly customizable and skinable.

Upgrade options are available to previous customer.
New and exciting features include:
  • Configurable Tap and Tap-and-Hold actions
  • Advanced ignore list
  • (OK) Hardware Button support
  • Skinable interface
  • Customizable menu
  • Automated actions
  • Built-in context sensitive help
  • Better Close button [X] that really closes
  • CPU and Memory usage
  • Designed to run in main memory or external cards.
  • Terminate background processes.
  • Clean left over memory after programs closure
  • Enhanced D-Pad navigation support (for one hand operations)
  • Very low memory foot-print
  • Easy to access from any other program
  • QVGA-VGA Support
  • Square, landscape and portrait Support
  • Integration with HandyMenu and HandyLauncher
  • Windows Mobile 6 (Professional and Classic) support.
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