August 08, 2006
DinarSoft Corporation releases MemMaid 1.72 with a new ReclaimRAM module.

DinarSoft Corporation, the leader in Windows Mobile Software Development, releases a new version 1.72 of the #1 memory cleaning and management tool MemMaid.

The release introduces many more cleaner items and other features were requested by customers.

New Features:

  • Support for Landscape/Portrait screen layouts on the fly.
  • Support for Square screen devices
  • ReclaimRAM. It frees up memory used by currently running programs, this can claim memory in terms of MB (Results depends on the programs running)
  • New Menus for fast access to all dialogs. (Matches with WM5 user interface).
  • New Memory Cleaning for:
    • Dangling Notifications
    • NetFront
    • Opera
    • Virtual Mobile Earth cache
    • Window Media DRM
    • \Temp

Copyrights 2006 DinarSoft Corporation