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Current Version

Operating System Windows Mobile 6 and 6.1 (Professional and Classic)
Windows Mobile 5
Windows Mobile 2003/SE
Pocket PC 2002
Screen Orientation Portrait, Landscape, Square
Registration Key Provided with purchase
Price $9.99 USD


The trial version lasts for 15 days.

What is TapText?

TapText is a whole new way of inserting repetitive text into your notes, e-mail or documents, etc... With only few taps you can add pre-edited text into any application without leaving it or even changing your preferred input method. TapText will save your time and effort.
Use it to save time when entering your meeting notes, sending e-mails, chatting, writing documents, or even filling forms while browsing the Internet.

Why get TapText?

Increase your productivity
Edit documents, notes, forms …etc faster and more efficiently.

Enhance the way your text look.
Add customizable time and/or date stamps while you’re editing with few taps.

Save time on spell checking
Pre configure TapText with those hard to spell terminologies and don’t worry about their spellings anymore.

Speed up form filling.
Teach TapText to fill the form for you once and use TapText to do it from now on.

TapText incorporates several features into an intuitive and easy to navigate user interface.

Features include:
  • Language independent; use your own language in the saved text.
  • Editor/Application independent; use it with any editor/application.
  • Time and Date stamps with customizable formats.
  • Customizable, multi-level menus.
  • A library of icons to associate to menu items for better visual representation.
  • SD/CF cards support, install it wherever you want
  • Import/Export your menu.
  • Movable icon to suite your needs.
  • Low memory usage
And much much more.

Download your free fully functional demo and see for yourself.

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