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TapText's menu is very customizable to your needs. Design your own menu (multi-level) the way you like

  • Move items up/down
  • Add new items/sub menus
  • Move items into/from groups
  • Enable/disable items/groups

Organize your menu, your way.


Do you have lots of sub menus (groups) ?
Do you find it ugly to have all those cascading menus filling up your screen?
No problem, TapText allows you to use two different sub-menu styles

  • Traditional Cascading Menus
  • One Menu style (when you tap on a group, it replaces the original menu, tap the "Up" item to return to the previous menu)

You can apply the sub-menu style you like to each individual sub-menu (mix and match the way you like), along with a configurable app wide default.


TapText allows you to assign different icons to each entry in the menu, to help you finding the item you are looking for in the menu fast. Icons are included in the program for your convenience.

Menus are colorful and customizable to your taste and can even follow your today screen's theme.

Other features

  • You can add time and date macros (with customizable formats). This allows you to insert the current time/date to your document while you are typing.
  • International languages support for your custom text.
  • Can be assigned to a hardware button.
  • Can be installed to storage cards to save memory.
  • The top icon is user selectable and can be hidden.
  • All the menus definitions are saved to "My Documents" folder, so you backup your custom menus.
  • Only 130KB required.
  • QVGA/VGA support.
  • Compatible with Windows Mobile 2003/SE as well as Pocket PC 2002.
  • and lots lots more..
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