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And if you are one to argue the use of a Word document to store all your signatures and the likes, I do agree that this is another solution. But do remember that you would need to open and switch between tasks to copy and paste those text. With TapText, you just need to open one application (the one that you are using) and click on the TapText icon anytime you want to insert the text you need.


The concept behind TapText is really simple, it is just a "copy and paste" type of operation.  The program is either started manually by the user or automatically via the options page within the program (will show that later down the page).  Once you open an application like Word, Notes, Email or the Internet Explorer, you place your cursor at the insert point or highlight the text to be replaced, then tap the TapText icon at the top of the screen which brings up a set of menus.  From there, you can select a Menu...Sub-Menu...Item from predefined text input that you have already setup.  That is all there is to it!

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TapText is quickly becoming a utility that I can't live without, because it really speeds things up when I'm doing things like creating emails. If you find yourself inputting the same text over and over again, you owe it to yourself to give TapText a try.


My overall impression of DinarSoft's TapText is very good. This small compact application will save anyone a considerable amount of time with repetitive text input. All of DinarSoft's utilities so far have been very popular, mostly because they are small - they don't take up much in the way of memory. Especially considering the fact that installation on storage cards is permissible. They also have clean, simple interfaces, are unobtrusive as they work, and they perform their intended functions well. TapText does not disappoint. Another of those applications that makes you wonder why this wasn't included in the OS to begin with. I recommend this program to users of all levels!


I have use the program in Textmaker, Pocket MindMap, PlanMaker, Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, and even Pocket Intenet Explorer without any trouble. Everytime I fire it up, I come up with another use for TapText. You should give it a try, and explore how it can help you, too.

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