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TapText 1.3  February 27th, 2006 
  • Import/Export TapText menu (for backup of profile switching).
  • Larger buffers for larger text.
  • Improved {tap} handling (for forms fillings).
  • Square screen support (the program adjusts its interface)

TapText 1.2  April 14th, 2005 
  • A greater range of date formats.
  • Support for special controls (Ctrl+I, Ctrl+U, Ctrl+B, Tab).

TapText 1.1  March 28th, 2005 
  • Forcing the first letter to follow the user selected case (some apps. change the first letter to be capital)
  • Now each note can be as much as 8000 characters
  • Now fully works with TextMaker
  • Added more date formats
  • Fixed a problem with the options dialog
  • Added a helper menu in the options dialog (copy/cut/paste/undo).

TapText 1.0
March 7th, 2005
  • Initial release.

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